Imagining Desirable Futures

In a world of crises, people need visions for a positive future that inspire and motivate.
We help individuals, teams and organizations to develop - and realize - sustainable utopias.

We awake enthusiasm for the future.

It is our mission to support societal transformation toward a good life for all within planetary boundaries. 
In doing so, we see our organization itself as a living lab in which new experiential knowledge is generated.

Our Services

We provide utopian impulses and support the path of transformation with innovative methods and empathic guidance.

  • Development of visions and utopias
  • Coaching and supervision of transformations
  • Keynotes, conference inputs and workshops
  • Transformation Bootcamp and more 

We work with teams, companies, public institutions, non-profit organisations, foundations, arts and cultural institutions and individuals who want to break new ground.

Our Approach

Our perspective on social change is holistic and encompasses the three levels of the individual, organization and society. With a systemic view, we make interactions visible and develop real-utopian solutions depending on the situation and overall context. We combine a playful attitude with professional expertise and human depth.

Selected Services and Projects

Vision workshops

In the vision workshop we create an appreciative, inspiring and creative space in which you can connect with your utopian potential and develop a powerful vision, values and goals. This forms a synthesis of your strengths, industry-specific potentials, desirable social developments and creative inspirations. Subsequently, a process is set in motion to cast the results into shape and initiate concrete steps of implementation.

Information platform for real utopias

The "information platform for real utopias" creates a central internet platform for people and organizations who want to work with visionary or utopian media and methods or are looking for inspiration. For this purpose, methods for utopian thinking, vision development and utopia realization are prepared and provided free of charge. 
 In addition, utopian media are centrally collected and released for free further use.

Reinventing Society - Transformation Curriculum 

In times of crisis, courageous and inspiring people with decisive future skills are needed who, as game changers, support the profound transformation of our economic and social system and consistently combine new thinking with new patterns of action. The 15-week Transformation Bootcamp empowers people to become part of the solution in a holistic way and to learn a new way of thinking utopianly.

Real Utopia 2050 - History of the German Future

In the illustrated book, 30-50 places of socetial life in Germany - cities, regions, villages and street scenes - are to be depicted in their greatest future potential, based on current research and new ideas.

Every 2-4 weeks we send out a newsletter with inspiring media, news from our utopian laboratory and transformative impulses.