About us

Reinventing Society is a non-profit and independent think-and-do tank founded in late 2020.

The mission of Reinventing Society is to support societal transformation toward a good life for all within planetary boundaries and to empower people to realize their own and systemic future potentials. To this end, we explore and develop social utopias and visions of a more beautiful world and make them tangible through a variety of formats. We see our organization itself as a living laboratory in which new experiential knowledge is generated.

Our team consists of economists and social scientists, sustainability and environmental researchers, 
experts in communication and media, psychology, and politics.

Our values

Agile self-organization and empowerment


Continuous learning & high quality

Trustful cooperation & transparency

Lightness, fun & cordiality

Efficiency and professionalism with a heart

Reflective conflict culture & Multiperspectivity

Conscious handling of time and money

Our Team

Anna Reisch

works at the interface of new economic thinking and innovative organisational development, among other things as a strategy and organisational consultant for the Dezernat Zukunft and the ZOE Institute.
She is also a lecturer at the University of Witten-Herdecke on "System Change and Climate Change" and at the HWR Berlin on "Sustainable Finance".


Lino Zeddies

is the author of the book "Utopia 2048" and a consultant for self-organisation, vision and purpose. After working as a pluralist economist, money reformer and coach, in which he dealt intensively with social and inner transformation, his work is focused on integral social development.


Stella Schaller

is a transformation researcher and accompanies individual and organizational change processes. After studying "Development Studies and Sustainability", she worked in policy consulting in the field of SDGs and climate diplomacy, conducting projects for the Federal Foreign Office and the UN, among others. She leads workshops on transformative change, personality development and resilience. She has also been working on climate communication since 2013.


Simon Mohn

is an organizational and social developer in Berlin. He leads seminars and trainings on progressive organisational forms, personal development and utopian thinking. His background is in peace and conflict studies, politics and sociology. He also works as an organisational consultant and coach in the non-profit sector.



Katharina Beck

 is co-founder of Reinventing Society and member of the German Bundestag (MdB). Previously, she worked as a senior management consultant for sustainability with executive boards and companies and as a member of the supervisory board. In addition, she headed the Federal Working Group (FOPH) on Economics and Finance of Bündnis 90/Die GRÜNEN. 


Max Kretschmer

is co-founder of Reinventing Society and a student of economics and sustainability science at Leuphana University Lüneburg, where he conducts research in the field of ecological economics at the Faculty of Sustainability. He is particularly interested in the transformation of financial and monetary systems in the context of sustainable development.


Sebastian Vollmar

is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and dedicates his life to the beauty of visual diversity. He accompanies companies with the innovative design of studies and publications. He graduated in communication design with his work »Tau des Glücks« on happiness research, in which he dealt intensively with the topic of quality of life and the application of these findings to social systems. He is fascinated by the interactions between his own relationship to the environment and the self.