Our Approach

Far-reaching change processes can only be successful and mobilize support if visions of the new encourage people to join in ("I want that too!"). Change must bring joy.

Moreover, theoretical-cognitive knowledge alone is not enough to realize and scale entirely new practices and approaches. This requires experiential knowledge.
Positive visions develop real power when they become tangible.

Reinventing Society is both a living laboratory and a think-and-do tank. We create experiential utopian spaces in which desirable futures with new underlying principles become tangible.

We combine a playful attitude with professional expertise and personal depth.

Transforming Society and Self

Transformative change takes place on different levels that are intertwined with each other. Therefore, we follow an integral approach and work in three dimensions. Inside and outside are mutually dependent, i.e. changes inside are the basis for a new culture - and vice versa, changes in culture and external structures shape every individual.

Personal dimension

Sustainable change finds its origins to a large extent within ourselves as human beings. It begins with a sincere connection to the Self, connectedness to others and the world. What gives us orientation and confidence? How can we bring our values into harmony with our actions? Inner work is the key to successful change.

Organisational dimension

In our complex world, different goals and framework conditions are needed for meaningful and innovative work in companies and at the institutional level. New, agile forms of leadership and teamwork are needed to distribute responsibility more effectively and to enable self-organisation and the unfolding of latent potential.

Systemic dimension

A just society in harmony with nature requires new political and economic structures and norms. There are already groundbreaking concepts for the transformation of essential social systems, as the economy and finance. Their realisation is directly linked to our collective ideas and world views.

In our work we refer to all three levels and point to the crucial connections between them. With a systemic view, we make interactions visible and develop integrated and "real-utopian" approaches to solutions - depending on the situation and the overall context.