Our Partner Organizations

We cooperate with the following organizations in the fields of business and sustainability, politics and philosophy, organizational development and coaching, film and television, as well as science and research - both within our projects and outside of them.

Looking beyond the pandemic in a utopian way - that is the goal of the Utopia Conference this summer. We are very pleased to be the official cooperation partner!
The Utopia Conference will be hosted by Maja Göpel and Richard David Precht and will take place online this year. Organized by Leuphana University Lüneburg, it is Germany's most important meeting point for "future artists" and researchers for transformation and sustainability.

The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is an alternative economic system that makes the common good its primary goal and is based on values of cooperation, democracy, participation, environmental sustainability and transparency. The international movement has over 11,000 supporters worldwide.  

Socius a community of eight consultants with diverse professional backgrounds that has been guiding developments of organizations and individuals nationwide and internationally with pragmatic expertise and passion since 1998.

planetgroups is an international non-profit organization based in the UK and Germany. Their mission is to empower and inspire people to take responsibility in their own workplaces to build truly sustainable, successful and value-creating businesses.
Every employee can be part of the solution. In every job.

THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD is a film project that shows that a sustainable world is already possible today. The award-winning directing duo Johanna Jaurich and Carl-A. Fechner use means of constructive journalism, a rousing feature film frame story and documentary sequences that really inspire and give you the courage to help shaping the future!

Metamoderna is the platform to the so-called "metamodernism", a new philosophy and international school of thought that corresponds to the highly complex, digitalized, post-industrial, global age, and is a successor to the modern and postmodern philosophies.

At the Academy for Transformation Design, pioneers learn the art of systemic transformation work for a desirable society of tomorrow. 

dreamocracy is a Brussels-based think tank and start-up with the mission to foster collective intelligence and creativity for the common good through analysis, and advice. They support organizations with a genuine change-making mindset, policy makers, civil society actors and private companies.

The NATOURALE is an international film festival that takes place every two years in Wiesbaden. The festival is dedicated to the environment, nature and travel and awards prizes in many categories. Filmmakers have an important influence on the future development of our world and with NATOURALE they receive an important forum.