Our Projects

Here we list current projects that we are implementing on our own and/or with partner organizations.

Future Council: New impulses for the Economy and Finance

Together with experts from politics, business and science, we develop ideas and approaches for a sustainable economic and financial system.

Utopian book series

The utopian novel "Utopia 2048" created by our co-founder Lino Zeddies describes a future in which the climate crisis has been overcome, democracy is flourishing, peace and prosperity prevail, and the economy serves the common good. Two "time travelers" discover the cities, companies and institutions of the future and see how the socio-ecological transition has succeeded. Currently, the sequel "Utopia 2049" is being written.

Author's collective for utopian stories

The author's collective aims to inspire people from young to old with inspiring, diverse and exciting utopian stories for socio-ecological change. The collective is in exchange with change organizations, activists, scientists and a community of readers and supporters.

We at Reinventing Society as a utopian laboratory

In November 2020, during the second German Corona lockdown, seven committed game changers from politics, sustainability and economic consultancy, sociology and psychology come together. The mission: to build an organization that collects and develops real utopias and supports the transformation towards a regenerative just society.

Project partnerships

We are happy about cooperation with like-minded people and organizations. Therefore, if you see potential synergies in a utopian-transformative project, we are open to partnerships and look forward to hearing from you.