Our vision

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
(Arundhati Roy)

We are in a phase of great upheaval. Various crises are ushering in the end of old structures. We feel that something new wants to be born. Our work is dedicated to the blossoming of a new world, a world of beauty, connection and vitality, in which...
...people are empowered to develop their individual talents and bring them into the world;
...democracy, participation and cocreation permeate our institutions and public discourse is appreciative and constructive;
...humanity lives in deep connection with nature;
...schools are places for the joy of learning and the development of personality;
...cities are green, largely car-free and worth living in;
...the nations of the world live in peace and lively exchange;
...the economy is oriented towards the common good and produces aesthetic and high-quality products in a sustainable manner;
...companies empower their employees and work is meaningful;
...people live in vibrant communities full of music and dance, joie de vivre and spirituality, art and culture.
Does that sound utopian? Yes, it should!
We are the creators of the reality of our lives. 
With Reinventing Society, we are moving forward to realize our desire for a more beautiful world.